We will send the videos download link to your email address that you use in your checkout.



Bitpay Limit - Bitpay have limit on my daily transaction.

Please reduce your purchase items if the transaction is failed。

You can also wait for next 24 hour to purchase when my Bitpay limit automatically reset again.

You can also email/skype me for alternative payment method if Bitpay failed.


Bitpay限額 - Bitpay每日交易額是有上限的。當我大交易達到上限時,我將不能進行交易。





If there is any issue, please send email to [email protected] for assistance. We will reply your email within 24 hour(48 hour for holidays)如果有任何故障/問題,[email protected]/48小時内回復。



VIP Member Area is dedicated to our members who have bought certain number of videos from us.
VIP member need to log-in to this website with your registered account and select top menu "VIP Member Area" to enter VIP Member Area.

For new VIP member, we will send your account login once you have achieved the VIP status.

貴賓會員需要用你所登記的戶口進入這個網頁,然後選入"VIP Member Area" 。

新貴賓會員 --- 一旦符合貴賓會員條件, 我們會交付戶口登入資料給您。